Monday, December 1, 2008

9 months old...

November has come and gone. Can't believe Christmas is just around the corner. We have had a busy month. Nana and Great Grandma Dorothy spent several days with us and we loved having them here. Thanksgiving was spent in Laurel with Jeff's family. All the new babies are growing like weeds, as well as Scotlyn. We had our 9 month check-up today, she is 21 pounds and 30 inches long. She is already in 12-18 month clothes for length and size 4 shoe, poor kid! We are flying to Tennessee for Christmas. Scotlyn's first plane ride, say a prayer for us!!! I will try to be better about posting more often, there just isn't enough hours in the day....

Nana outfitted Scotlyn for the cold winters in Nebraska

Tub time is a continued favorite, she loves her rubber duckies and floating turtles.

Nana brought an early x-mas gift. Scotlyn can stand and pushes the walker while giggling and falling of coarse!

At Thanksgiving she got a hold of her cousins tractors and gave them a bath.

Scotlyn so proud of her big girl toy!

Halloween was fun, Scotlyn and mommy took turns putting on the cat ears and "meowing"

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkin Patch, Baby Sophia...

The past 2 weeks have been very busy. We have a new Erwin in the family, John and Sarah (Jeff's brother) had a little girl Sophia Jane on Friday October 17th. She has a ton of dark hair and she is a cutie. Here are some pictures of the new family...

John, Sarah and Sophia Jane

Scotlyn can now sit up by herself, crawl in all directions and pull herself up to stand. She will let go with one hand and by looking at her you can see the wheels turning in that little head:)

The fireplace is her new jungle gym, we have had a few bumps on the head and several wails!

Cold weather has arrived in nebraska, I couldn't resist this warm bear suit. We can't help but laugh everytime we put her in it.

Poppy's Pumpkin Patch

Daddy and Scotlyn picking out her little pumpkin

Family photo time!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

7 months...

Scotlyn is 7 months old today. She has managed to start crawling in every direction but forward and we had to "baby proof" the house this week. She say's "ma ma" all the time, especially when she is mad! We went to Sioux Falls South Dakota a few weeks ago and went to an apple festival. I couldn't resist taking pictures of her in her halloween costume, thank you Nana. She has her bottom two teeth in and the tops are on their way. She is 19 pounds and 28 inches long as of her 6 month check-up, we have a tall girl on our hands. She is eating ALOT, cereal, fruits, veggies and keeps trying to eat our food. Here are some pictures...
Swinging in the backyard

Our little Pumpkin

She can crawl backwards, but she gets stuck!

Yes, that is beef jerky. It works wonders on teething gums!!! 10 miutes after this pick her 2 bottom teeth broke through.

She likes to roll up like a burrito, but can't figure out how to get herself out of it.

Note to self, fudgesicles stain! Another outfit bites the dust, but it was fun, and oh so cute!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Scotlyn is 6 months old!!!

Scotlyn is such a sweetheart, she smilies at everything and has developed at very happy disposition, we don't know who she gets that from:) She can slide herself around the living room and get up on her hands and knees, no crawling yet though. Some of her favorite songs are ABC's, You are my sunshine and Do your ears hang low?. She has grown to love mango, green beans and pears. None of her teeth have poked through yet, though I think she would be alot happier if they would! Fall has reached Nebraska and the fun activities that come along with that are just around the corner. Scotlyn is going to be a pumpkin for Halloween, stay tuned for pictures...

Scotlyn and her first Husker t-shirt.

Nana, Mommy, Scotlyn and Great Grandma Talmon.

Scotlyn and I took a trip to Lawrence a few weeks ago and we were able to take this 4 generations pictures, how times change.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

5 1/2 months...

This has been a very busy month for us. Scotlyn is doing great. She is rolling over and eating veggies and fruit. Teething is in full swing and we are a little crabby, yes we:) We went to Tennessee to visit Nana for a week, Scotlyn was spoiled rotten! Here are some pictures...

Nana and Scotlyn

Celebrating Jeff's 31st birthday!!!

Uncle Justin and Scotlyn

Sleepy time...

Daddy, Scotlyn and Great Grandma Susie at the dedication of the platground equipment for Jeff's mom.

Friday, June 27, 2008

4 months old...

Scotlyn has been very busy growing the last month. She is so sweet and smiley. We go for her 4 month check-up next week. Here are some pictures...
Grandpa Jim gave Scotlyn this Giraffe, she loves it!!! When you pull his tail is plays "Zippade Do Da"
Scotlyn lounging in her bathing suit at the pool for the first time this week. She loved the water and didn't cry at all. We were there for 2 hours and she loved every minute of it. I think we might have a fish on our hands!

Tonight Scotlyn tried rice cereal for the first time. We got it on video, but the picture says it all, she loved it! I think she might have gotten more on her face than in her mouth though:)

We had Scotlyn baptised this past weekend in Laurel. She just stared out at the congregation and was mesmerized by the stain glass windows. Nana gave her this special outfit, and she is wearing a necklace that was Nana's when she was a baby.

As part of Carla's memorial (Jeff's mom), a play area was built in her honor next to the school where she worked for many years. She wanted equipment for her grand children to play on and Grandpa Jim made sure it happened. Here we are after it was assembled by many volunteers. ( Kevin, Uncle J.J., Daddy and Scotlyn, Mommy and Grandpa Jim)

Scotlyn likes to sit in her high chair and watch the animal carousel, it plays polka music.

The Bumbo seat has been a great way for Scotlyn to sit up with out us helping her, she can't sit up or roll over on her own yet, but it's just around the corner.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend...

Scotlyn is 3 months old and sassy. For Memorial Day weekend we went to Laurel to see Jeff's family and grill-out. Scotlyn is giggling and laughing alot. She has found her voice and likes to carry on conversations with herself. She is eating like a champ and started daycare 3 days a week. The kids there love fussing over her and by the time she gets home she is exhausted from all of the excitment. We went to the drive-in last night and she did pretty good. She kept looking at us like "why are you letting me stay up so late and why are we in the truck and I'm in my p.j.'s ?".

Aunt Carol and cousin Caleb. Caleb is trying to teach Scotlyn how to do Fish Faces!

Scotlyn loves chewing on her fingers, tastes like chicken?

Scotlyn is becoming a little Ham

Smiley Girl

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jono

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend...

Mommy and Scotlyn spent our first Mother's Day in Lawrence Kansas with Great Grandma Dorothy. We had a fun visit and Scotlyn got alot of attention and kisses. We also went to Kansas City to see Natalie and her daughter Grace. Grace is going to be a big sister soon, she helped feed Scotlyn and practiced holding her. We also stopped in Topeka to see Melaine and her new puppy Dulcey. Scotlyn got a big surprise when Dulcey climbed right up in her car seat, you should have seen her face, this was her first up close look at a puppy, a bit traumatic! Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there...

Great Grandma and Scotlyn


Grace and Scotlyn