Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Fun....

I realize it has been a while and I promise to get better about postings! We are moved to Lincoln, NE. We are in a rental house for a year and hope to buy a house here after that. The girls are doing great. Scotlyn is getting ready to start Preschool and her first Ballet class. Izzy is on the verge of walking, she's standing by herself in one place! We are loving Lincoln and are so glad we made the move. Here are several pics from the last 3 months.....

Easter in Laurel

Easter Bonnets from Nana

Cousin Mallory and Scotty as butterflies

Easter basket of goodies

Great Grandma Suzy and all her kiddos

Denver Children's Museum Bubble Exibit

Fire Women Scotty

Nana and her girls

Carlee Sue's Baptism

Play'n in the band

Lead Drummer

Bath seat= best purchase I ever made!

Lincoln Children's Zoo

Day out at the Zoo with friends Sara and Alex from Omaha

Princess Camp in Colorado

Kaida, Scotty and Mallory after their awesome performance!

Nebraska City Tree Adventure

Goose Egg after mommy was carrying me and tripped on my pillow pet in the hallway, OUCH!