Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkin Patch, Baby Sophia...

The past 2 weeks have been very busy. We have a new Erwin in the family, John and Sarah (Jeff's brother) had a little girl Sophia Jane on Friday October 17th. She has a ton of dark hair and she is a cutie. Here are some pictures of the new family...

John, Sarah and Sophia Jane

Scotlyn can now sit up by herself, crawl in all directions and pull herself up to stand. She will let go with one hand and by looking at her you can see the wheels turning in that little head:)

The fireplace is her new jungle gym, we have had a few bumps on the head and several wails!

Cold weather has arrived in nebraska, I couldn't resist this warm bear suit. We can't help but laugh everytime we put her in it.

Poppy's Pumpkin Patch

Daddy and Scotlyn picking out her little pumpkin

Family photo time!

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