Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Scotlyn Jo!!!

Scotlyn turned 3 years old this past Wednesday March 2nd, we had a bowling party over the weekend and by request a "Caillou" party! Feb 5th she also went to her first Daddy Daughter dance. here are some pics......oh, we are also finally potty trained!

Aunt Jessye, Kaida, Daddy, Isabel, Uncle Justin, Mallory, Mommy, Scotty

Aunt Jessye and Izzy

Daddy and his girls

Strike!!! She scored a 144 on the first game, seriously.

Scotlyn asked for an Airplane for her birthday

Caillou birthday cake!

Banana Birthday Pancakes

Red Robin Birthday Dinner

She was shy
First Tea Party with her Olivia Tea Set

Daddy Daughter Dance Night

Cousin Kaida and Scotty

Mommy and Scotty Ice Skating in Durango