Friday, June 27, 2008

4 months old...

Scotlyn has been very busy growing the last month. She is so sweet and smiley. We go for her 4 month check-up next week. Here are some pictures...
Grandpa Jim gave Scotlyn this Giraffe, she loves it!!! When you pull his tail is plays "Zippade Do Da"
Scotlyn lounging in her bathing suit at the pool for the first time this week. She loved the water and didn't cry at all. We were there for 2 hours and she loved every minute of it. I think we might have a fish on our hands!

Tonight Scotlyn tried rice cereal for the first time. We got it on video, but the picture says it all, she loved it! I think she might have gotten more on her face than in her mouth though:)

We had Scotlyn baptised this past weekend in Laurel. She just stared out at the congregation and was mesmerized by the stain glass windows. Nana gave her this special outfit, and she is wearing a necklace that was Nana's when she was a baby.

As part of Carla's memorial (Jeff's mom), a play area was built in her honor next to the school where she worked for many years. She wanted equipment for her grand children to play on and Grandpa Jim made sure it happened. Here we are after it was assembled by many volunteers. ( Kevin, Uncle J.J., Daddy and Scotlyn, Mommy and Grandpa Jim)

Scotlyn likes to sit in her high chair and watch the animal carousel, it plays polka music.

The Bumbo seat has been a great way for Scotlyn to sit up with out us helping her, she can't sit up or roll over on her own yet, but it's just around the corner.