Sunday, September 7, 2008

Scotlyn is 6 months old!!!

Scotlyn is such a sweetheart, she smilies at everything and has developed at very happy disposition, we don't know who she gets that from:) She can slide herself around the living room and get up on her hands and knees, no crawling yet though. Some of her favorite songs are ABC's, You are my sunshine and Do your ears hang low?. She has grown to love mango, green beans and pears. None of her teeth have poked through yet, though I think she would be alot happier if they would! Fall has reached Nebraska and the fun activities that come along with that are just around the corner. Scotlyn is going to be a pumpkin for Halloween, stay tuned for pictures...

Scotlyn and her first Husker t-shirt.

Nana, Mommy, Scotlyn and Great Grandma Talmon.

Scotlyn and I took a trip to Lawrence a few weeks ago and we were able to take this 4 generations pictures, how times change.

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