Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend...

Scotlyn is 3 months old and sassy. For Memorial Day weekend we went to Laurel to see Jeff's family and grill-out. Scotlyn is giggling and laughing alot. She has found her voice and likes to carry on conversations with herself. She is eating like a champ and started daycare 3 days a week. The kids there love fussing over her and by the time she gets home she is exhausted from all of the excitment. We went to the drive-in last night and she did pretty good. She kept looking at us like "why are you letting me stay up so late and why are we in the truck and I'm in my p.j.'s ?".

Aunt Carol and cousin Caleb. Caleb is trying to teach Scotlyn how to do Fish Faces!

Scotlyn loves chewing on her fingers, tastes like chicken?

Scotlyn is becoming a little Ham

Smiley Girl

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jono

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