Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ghosts, Goblins and Butterfly's...

We had so much fun with Scotlyn on Halloween. She was a butterfly and loved her wings and antennas so much that she wanted to wear them when she woke up Sunday morning with her jammies. Here are some pictures, we live in a great neighborhood with lots of kids. I think her favorite part was handing the candy out to the trick or treater's, she just kept saying "helping mama helping"...

Scotlyn showing us how a butterfly dances...

Mommy and Scotty

Scotlyn explaining to Elmo that he can't go trick or treating...

She discovered the candy bucket

We go 2 feet of snow 2 days before Halloween

Daddy and Scotty

Some for me...

some for baby...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Anderson Farms Pumpkin Patch, Oktober Fest, Fall in Colorado...

Scotlyn has been having a great time this fall. We went to the pumpkin patch this Saturday and had a great time! We also had our annual Pumpkin Picking Party and enjoyed chili and watching the kids whack the heck out of the pumpkin pinata. Scotlyn is going to be a Butterfly for Halloween, more pictures to come for that. Scotlyn is talking alot and has been developing her very sweet but sassy attitude. She is very independant and loves to interact with everything and everyone! Quite the social butterfly. Here are some pictures of the last few months.....

Scotlyn picked the perfect pumpkin!

Scotlyn and Mommy in the patch

Her pumpkin bounty!

Daddy and Scotlyn on the hayrack ride to the pumpkin patch

Running on top of the hay maze

Scotlyn couldn't be pulled away from the Goose!

Milk'n the cow

Peek a boo

Scotlyn loved the wooden train

Anderson Farms

Cousin Mallory and Olivia (our neighbor) posing with their glow wands!

Jamison, Olivia, Kaida, Scotlyn and Mallory after conquering the pinata

Hit it Scottie!

Elmo and Scotlyn (I love this cherry dress!)

Scotlyn eating her first Funnel Cake with Bavarian Cream
at the Oktober Fest in Downtown Castle Rock
(it was a major hit!)

Scotlyn riding her first carnival pony, she held so still and wasn't scared at all!


Cleaning the Peanut Butter cookie dough paddle,
Who needs a dishwasher?

Leaves, leaves, leaves...

Helping daddy rake the leaves...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall has arrived.....

Fall has arrived in Colorado. The cool nights have been a nice change, aaah 40's. We have been busy keeping up with our little munchkin. Scotlyn has proved to be a bit of a handful! This week she decided that she was going to get a jump start on the terrible two's the trantrums have arrived . Here are a few pictures of this past month......

Scotlyn and Mommy, she got her first helmet, of course it had to be Sesame Street

MY GYM in Castle Rock had a fundraiser for Denver Children's Hospital
Scotlyn got to meet her new best friend, Elmo!

The ball pit was more fun than initially thought, she liked throwing the balls and Mommy got to round them back up!


Deanna Rose Farm- Overland Park, Kansas
Scotlyn and I spent a weekend in Kansas City and visited friends and spent time with Great Grandma Dorothy

Tractor Time!

Good Cow.....

Scotlyn wasn't afriad of the massive real cow either

Cow bell band

Feeding the baby goats

Flower child...