Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Scotlyn!!!

Today was Scotlyn's 1st birthday! On Saturday, Grandpa Jim gave Scotlyn her first set of wheels. She loves to be pushed around the house on her new ride, it's exhausting for us, but she loves it!!! Notice the Jayhawk threads, Rock Chalk!!! Grandpa and Lute even brought a cake, although Scotlyn wasn't sure what to do with the candle. Today we spent at home, we celebrated her big day with a caterpillar cake that Jeff and I both made, we decorated the kitchen with balloons and streamers and let Scotlyn dive into her cake. We can't believe that 1 year has already come and gone. We are truely loving having Scotlyn in our lives, she is such a sweet little girl. Here are some pictures of today and other fun times...
Grandpa Jim helping Scotlyn blow out her candle

Birthday breakfast of Blueberry Pancakes, make a wish!

The caterpillar cake Jeff and I made, Ace of Cakes we are not, but it was fun!

The beginning of the cake dive...

Yum ........................

Mommy and Scottie

The bitter end!!!!

Just before the wash down!

I couldn't resist this one, unfortunatly she peed on the rug seconds after this was taken:)

Jeff was in Orlando for business and brought Mickey ears back for Scotlyn

Scotlyn wearing her new kicks, she is in size 5 already, poor kid, she's going to have boats like her mother!

Daddy surprised Scotlyn with a huge pink monkey for Valentines Day. She loves to cuddle with it, it's bigger than she is!