Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Isabel Rose!!!

Isabel turned 1 this Thursday November 3rd. We celebrated her birthday at Red Robin, she loved it all especially the ice-cream! We had our annual Erwin Pumpkin Picking Party last weekend and had a great time. Thanks to everyone for joining us in the fun! Scotlyn had a field trip with her preschool class from Wee Widsom to the apple orchard and picked a pumkin just her size. The Fall in Lincoln has been beautiful and we love it here. The leaves are changing, falling and a chill is in the air. Halloween was fun, Izzy was a Ladybug and Scotty was "Angelina Ballarina". We also celebrated cousin Sophia's 3rd birthday! Here are some pics...

Birthday Girl Izzy!!!

We love you Izzy, Happy Birthday!!!

Ice-cream, brace yourself!

She was all about the chocolate cupcake, not a crumb left

Wee Wisdom Field Trip- Apple Orchard


Mean face! Is it bad that both our kids as babies had a "Mean Face"?

Brisk swing at the park

Fall leaves- Antelope Park

Lady Bug and Angelina Ballarina Mouse

Scotty pulling the "guts" out of her pumpkin

Swinging a bat at the Bat- It didn't last long until the boys made the candy fly!

Potato Sack Races (Hilarious)

Roca Pumpkin Patch

Jumping Pillows- not just for kids! Little ones anyway:)

Boo at the Lincoln Children's Zoo

Scotty the mouse and Mommy the cat

Izzy reading Scotty a book:)

Cousin Sophia's 3rd birthday party at Valentino's

I was putting up the Halloween decorations outside, when Izzy snuck away, I knew it was too quiet, a few seconds later, this is what I found, or as it were...she found!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthdays,School Daze and Husker Football....

Fall is here in Nebraska! We have been busy. Jeff turned 34 on August 3rd, we celebrated with Jeff's favorite, homemade German Chocolate Cake, thanks to Great-Grandma Dorothy's recipe! Scotlyn started her first year of Preschool at Wee Wisdom Christian Preschool and she loves it! She also started her first Ballet class. It's getting better, but I think for now she likes looking at herself in her tutu in the huge mirror more than listening to the teacher! Jeff started his new job with Producers Hybrids as their National Sales Manager and has been very busy. We spent the weekend up in Spencer Iowa for the Clay County Fair. Husker Football has started and they are 3-0, Go Big Red! Living in Lincoln, if your not a Husker fan, you will eventually become one, it's infectious. Izzy is doing great, trying to keep up with Scotty. She started walking last Friday and eats like an Erwin from the table. We both wish she would stop growing so fast! She is at such a fun age. She is such a joy to be around, so smiley and happy. We are looking forward to all the Fall activities we have planned and will post pics once we have them. Here are some from the past 2 months.....

Scotlyn on her first day of Preschool

Mrs. McClintock's Classroom-Her teacher

First day of Ballet Class

Izzy playing Dressing-Up


Nothing like a Snow Cone at 8am in the morning, her first request!

Scotty found a pink golf cart that was calling her name, now all she has to do is learn to Golf!
Oh Daddy...

Prize winning pumpkins

Happy 34th Birthday Daddy!!!

Make a wish!

Can't resist the brownie batter, a child after my own heart!

First Husker Football game, even if you don't watch the whole game,

a girls got to dress the part!

Husker Girl's


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Fun....

I realize it has been a while and I promise to get better about postings! We are moved to Lincoln, NE. We are in a rental house for a year and hope to buy a house here after that. The girls are doing great. Scotlyn is getting ready to start Preschool and her first Ballet class. Izzy is on the verge of walking, she's standing by herself in one place! We are loving Lincoln and are so glad we made the move. Here are several pics from the last 3 months.....

Easter in Laurel

Easter Bonnets from Nana

Cousin Mallory and Scotty as butterflies

Easter basket of goodies

Great Grandma Suzy and all her kiddos

Denver Children's Museum Bubble Exibit

Fire Women Scotty

Nana and her girls

Carlee Sue's Baptism

Play'n in the band

Lead Drummer

Bath seat= best purchase I ever made!

Lincoln Children's Zoo

Day out at the Zoo with friends Sara and Alex from Omaha

Princess Camp in Colorado

Kaida, Scotty and Mallory after their awesome performance!

Nebraska City Tree Adventure

Goose Egg after mommy was carrying me and tripped on my pillow pet in the hallway, OUCH!