Monday, September 3, 2012

Backpacks....crayons......a new school year...

Scotlyn has started her second year of Preschool (Academy) at Wee Wisdom Christian Preschool. Her teacher is Mrs. Tyson. Isabel is growing and learning too, she is talking more and wants to be just like her big sister! Just don't tell her she's only 22 months:) She wouldn't believe you anyway! She thinks she's big like Scotty. Izzy goes to daycare as well as Scotty, but Scotty goes to Academy MWF.

First day of Academy

Scotlyn and Mrs. Tyson

Antelope Park
(Labor Day)

Scotty has learned to swing all by herself! Use those long legs girl!
(P.S. She picked out her own outfit today:))
Izzy was a "Big Girl" on the swing

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