Sunday, May 9, 2010

January through April.... 2nd Birthday, Easter and fun times...

The last several months have brought many new adventures. Scotlyn turned two years old March 2nd, Easter has come and gone and Scotlyn is becoming such a big girl. She speaks what's on her mind and is growing like a weed. Here are some pictures to get everyone caught up....

Easter Sunday

Daddy and Scotlyn's 1st Snowman "Kirby"

Tried potty training, but the panties were more of a hit than anything...we are still in diapers:)

Butterfly Pavillion

Thank you Nana for the butterfly headband, it was a must for this occasion!

Children's Museum Denver- Scotty the Firewoman

Birthday Girl!!!!!

Mommy painted and decoupaged a toy box for my birthday

Nana got Scotlyn "Gracie" her "real baby"

Elmo was the theme

Mommy made my cake!


Kaida, Scotlyn and Mallory

Mommy and Scotlyn going down the slide at Monkey Bizness


Superbowl Cheerleaders!

1st Dentist appointment- brusha brusha brusha

She let then count them, but no luck on the polishing!

Does blue marker taste like Blueberries?

Easter Girls with their baskets full

She just realized there were Jelly Beans in the eggs

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