Wednesday, April 16, 2008

6 weeks old...

I have been very busy the last 2 weeks. I'm growing and changing everyday, I smile alot now and now that we switched to soy formula my tummy is much happier! I love to be held, mommy and daddy tried to make me sit in my bouncer last night and see how long it took for me to stop crying...I cried non-stop for an hour, they gave in and as soon as mommy picked me up I stopped. They say I'm stubborn, but I have no idea what they are talking about! I finally figured out that my thumb is good for sucking. My friend Coy visited a few weeks ago and we had fun playing. I'm starting to sleep 5 hours in a row at night. I'm getting used to this whole eat, sleep, poop thing, it's not half bad. Now if only they would pick me up every time I cried I'd have it made (I've got daddy trained, but mommy is harder to break!!!).
Chubba Wubba

Coy and Scotlyn

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