Monday, October 15, 2007

My friend in Kansas City suggested that we have a Blog Spot for our new addition. Check in every now and then and see what's new. I'll post some pictures of the nursery once it's put together. We'll let you know after our ultrasound in November what we are having!


pamelamcclain said...

Looking forward to see all your news. Nana/Grandma is awaiting anxiously for the big day. I love you, Mom

Melaine said...

Hi,you modern,high-tech woman, you!
I certainly will be checking your blog to see how Mama, Papa & Baby Erwin are doing :)
Hugs to you,

Auntie Mame said...

Thanks for sharing your news about Girlie Erwin. It will be fun for the Aunties in Kansas City to keep up everything. Bless you all.


Jess said...

Any updates on my niece?